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sábado, 23 de julio de 2011


Vista preliminar de lo que estoy haciendo.. fascinante noche a todos.. :)

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011


Design you Trust is one of the world's famous collective design blogs ..! In shock about being there with my "Trendy Furniture" serie..:))

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011


GECKO es un importante estudio de diseño gráfico y textil de Zaragoza ; Puedes ver mis trabajos como " inspiración textil" aquí .. me ha hecho mucha ilusión..!
GECKO is a textile design professional studio with vast experience in developing apparel graphic design. Check my works as " textile inspiration" here. :))

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

SNEAKY PEEK- 360 Fashion: interview is art, culture and fashion, your sneaky guide to Sydney's style scene. I´ve been interviewed by lovely Monique Friedlander, she makes a really wonderful work in Sneaky peek, check out our meeting here..!:D

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Luigi Scialanga - jewelry serie-

Check out and follow my updates on my Facebook.

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

INDIES ART: María Caleis Gallery

I´m very happy about being part of Indies Art.., so marvellous website for alternative Art lovers...Check out my gallery here..:D

sábado, 2 de julio de 2011


The FLOOD #4 is on sale..! can get your copy here.:)) :
Now’s the time! Featuring new work by 18 artists, photographers, and other creative minds from all over the world, The Flood #4 is a shiny half-size full-color 60-paged zine full of all things summery and satisfying to your eyeballs and it’s being released TODAY...

Featuring work by:
Eva Lake (our cover artist), Lola Li, Caleis, Amy Goh, Kyle Heger, Meg Hollister, Remma Jneztak, Chengsi Lu, David Myers, Edgar Ruiz, Masha Rumyantseva, Marisol Villanueva, Carissa Rand, and more..
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